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By the end of the 18th century, science was moving powerfully into modern times. For the first time in history, virtually the entire geographical world was known to mankind. Scientific apparatuses were invented to look deep into the universe, observe the microscopical world, measure time, …, and refining how we see the world. During this time, Alexander von Humboldt’s early work laid the foundation for modern ecology.

All this exciting and new knowledge was brought to the public in marvelous books with beautiful illustrations. In those books, printmaking was used to illustrate and explain scientific texts. The exquisite prints made readers marvel and long for more.  At the same time, those artworks were formalistically beautiful and accurately resembled its subject matter while maintaining a romantic quality. 

The scientific books and illustrations from this era serves as inspiration for my work.

I create an unknown, parallel world that is still very familiar to ours. The idea of marvel is strongly embedded as a reaction to our timeframe in which everything is explained.

'Look around and see again the beauty and wonders that nature (on earth and in the universe) has to offer' seems to be the message, but goes beyond that. I want the viewer to take a moment of time to contemplate about the nature of a myriad of things surrounding us and think about our place in this world and within this universe.

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